Daily Motivation

Inner child recovery takes continual daily motivation and positive affirmation of self love. This is difficult for those of us who have been battered or berated to submission of forgetting ourselves and putting others first. We have not found the courage to self love. We have been conditioned to see ourselves as less than. It takes practice, practice, practice to see ourselves as the most valuable asset we have.

Developing a path for self love inner child recovery does take practice and effort. But it is well worth the struggle. Consciously changing your thought pattern of “I am less than” or “not worthy” to "I am a perfect me" and " I am worth the effort" will lead to courage, strength and conviction that creates positive life patterns and a healthy lifestyle. We need to release the fear of doom and gloom to see the possibilities around us.

You cannot think for a minute that this recovery will come by itself. We are creatures of habit and find comfort in the sameness even if it is fear and self-hatred.

We Are Creatures of Habit

Habitual thinking will ask you, “What will happen if I change?” or state “no-one will love me." Habitual thinking will make you feel uneasy at a new way of thinking or doing things in your life. I guarantee your new behavior will not fit your old lifestyle. And without constant daily motivation and support your mind will convince you to go back to the ease of past negative familiar behavior. You will begin to self-doubt and self sabotage the change. You will naturally begin to make self-defeating comments and list reasons to not change. Do you want to stay stuck in a negative life pattern forever?

Even more important I ask you “What will happen if you don’t change?” How will your life stay the same?

Will you continue with toxic relationships, self-doubt, feeling sad and empty inside, over-eating, over drinking or over-achieving with no gratification? Will you continually beat yourself up for not trying, not being good enough or not being as good as?

Don’t be afraid to take the next step and acknowledge that you are the most important person in your life. Incorporating positive affirmations of inspirational quotes, thoughts, writings, poems, will have an effect on the benefits you receive from life. Daily practice of positive habits will help you recovery your inner child and live your life without fear and self-judgment. Change your heart thought and begin a journey of self love and inner child healing. Give yourself the ability to experience health, joy and abundance in your life.

Find a way to do this on a continuous scheduled bases or the change won’t happen. Practice inner child recovery and develop a life worth living. You can do this by developing a habit of reading and pondering a positive thought or inspiration for daily motivation.

Choose to live your life full of health, wellness, calm and peace. You are the only one who can do this for yourself. Stay the course of a better you. Integrate positive thoughts through words. Release the beauty of you.

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