Inner Child Counseling
Specializing in Adjustment, Transition, Loss and more 

I know you feel like you are living groundhogs day with the same disappointing and difficult situations playing over and over. I know that at times it seems like you will never move past heartbreak, loss, loneliness or fear.  By re-living the past over and over you are tired, sad, anxious or overwhelmed

I work with individuals just like you that have had difficult past experiences that continue to hold them back or replay like a bad movie without an end. You know how this feels and maybe you have tried to change ending up feeling abandoned, lost or overwhelmed. 

If you are looking to move past self-defeating thoughts that were created as a by-product of the past I look forward to working with you.  Together we can address adjustment, transition, loss, abandonment, anxiety, and sadness. Take charge of your life today. Today can be the day you make a change.

                                                       Make an appointment today.

For an appointment please contact the Kennedy Center for Counseling 815-320-3749. Ask to schedule an appointment with Juliann.  Insurance is accepted.  I look forward to working with you 


Healing you inner child will allow you to:

Feel more loved

Feel more secure

Make productive life choices

Repair past life events 

Change limiting self-beliefs

Feel more joy

Create healthy productive life patterns

You need to love yourself fully without condition before you can accept the gifts life has to offer.

Wishing you a life filled with joy and abundance.                              

InnerChildHealing Healing your inner child is achievable. Change you inner child negative thoughts and images and engage in changing negative behavior. How to change negative behavior and create the life you desire. 

SelfLove Develop self love to stop emotional eating, interacting in dysfunctional relationships. Self love is part of healing your inner child through positive affirmation and daily motivation. 

ChildAbuseEffects The effects of child abuse creates an injured inner child and adult victim. Negative Emotional Behavior continues throughout a person's life as debilitating self-abuse and self-sabatoge. Overcoming the past trauma associated with child abuse can be achieved. 

DailyMotivation Daily motivation, positive self affirmation for healing your inner child. Support your inner child recovery with daily motivation, positive affirmation and inspiration for development of self love to live a life free of self-doubt, fear and constant unfulfilled searching. 

InnerChildHealingTechniques Information to release self-limiting beliefs and heal your inner child’s heart to create a personal life of passion, purpose and prosperity. 

PositiveAffirmations a technique to reformat self-limiting beliefs and develop self-worth and confidence to live your life with no regret. 

InnerChildExpressiveTherapy Inner child expressive therapy, play, writing, movement, music are nonjudgmental mediums used to explore and release negative thoughts, emotions, discover desire, create abundance and heal life struggling.