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A Bountiful Moment
January 09, 2018

“Following you heart is not the same as following your feelings. Your heart is unconditional love and understanding. No judgement, it is expansive and transformational"

Daily Thought

Sometimes it is hard to know what direction you are to follow, what life actions you are meant to pursue. But if you focus on your heart song your dream becomes evident without question. Your heart will give you a direction that will develop your growth and lead you to challenges that inspire a better you. Your feelings are something that ebb and flow throughout the day and is attached to your heart. Your feelings help you monitor if you are following your life path. Learn to understand and identify your feelings today and everyday so you will have a clearer picture of the actions you need to take to maintain your hearts direction.

Daily Practice

Throughout the day pay attention to your emotional reaction and behavior. Does something make you sad, mad, happy, or scared? Take a moment to look at the situation or event that created that emotional response. Once you can identify what your feelings are responding to you can then look further to hear what your heart is saying. Your heart’s message is the underlying voice that provides you with support, confidence, or love. It is your constant cheerleader that provides you with a guide to what parts of yourself can grow and flourish. Listen carefully and you will hear what your next step should be.

Have a Great Day and Believe in Yourself!

Dr. Juliann

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