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A Bountiful Moment
February 28, 2018

Receive the gifts of the universe just for being you.

Daily Thought

There is no restriction, division or prejudice between who gets the many gifts this world has to offer. By waking up you receive all things needed every day. You have the opportunity to develop everything that passes your way or ignore it and wait for the next opportunity to pass. Thinking that you are not as lucky or don’t have the same privilege puts restrictions on what you can receive and achieve. Yes we are all different individuals but to the world there is no difference and the gifts it offers as support are the same.

Daily Practice

Look around today and be aware of all the beauty and opportunity the universe has to offer. Be amazed at the miracle of life, be awed at nature’s gifts, and become inspired by the sunshine, rain or stars. Practice receiving the greatest gifts with gratitude and grace and you will recognize more freely the gifts of opportunity as they become present in your life.

Have a Great Day and Believe in Yourself!

Dr. Juliann

Online Counseling

If you would like the opportunity to talk with someone I do counseling online where you can meet with someone from the comfort of your own home.

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