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A Bountiful Moment
March 23, 2018

Whatever happens to me today will prove to be a beautiful blessing.

Daily Thought

Going with the flow sometimes takes effort. We are all creatures of habit and have a need to control. We feel safe and comfortable when things stay the same. But going with the flow of the day can provide a view of opportunities that are present and missed. Don’t cloud your daily thinking with constant struggle to have things the same. Sometimes you need to take a step back, release control, and just let good things happen.

Daily Practice

Change your habits today. Do something that is out of your normal schedule. Go home from work a different way, skip watching the news or some other program that is a habit. While you are doing that look at all the new things that are different from the norm. Appreciate and enjoy them.

Have a Great Day and Believe in Yourself!

Dr. Juliann

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