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A Bountiful Moment
April 04, 2018

The answers to your questions, dreams, desires are around you everywhere you just need to be aware.

Daily Thought

It is easy to feel like you don’t have the answers or become overwhelmed at a situation that is new. But the answer to what is creating the anxiety is there right in front of you. All you have to do is sit still for a moment and listen. Quieting your mind and being open to the answers that surround you is the challenge not the situation you are facing.

Daily Practice

When you are faced with a challenge today look at it clearly by quieting your mind and looking past what is creating the fear. Take a deep breathe in and slowly release it two to three times. Now relook at the situation and act on the solution that enters your mind. Move through the situation by acting not thinking.

Have a Great Day and Believe in Yourself!

Dr. Juliann

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