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Bountiful Moment
June 17, 2014

“Life and Awareness is found in the Doing."

Are you actively engaged in your life?

It is hard to know what is right or wrong in life actions. Some decisions are not as clearly presented and have several options that can be acted upon. Some situations bring a stifling action where fear leads to doing nothing at all. With other situations you will find yourself acting in old habits that bring recycled negative consequences.

Weekly Practice

Become aware this week in all situations that present themselves. How are you responding? How are you feeling? Where are you feeling it? What are you thinking? Is fear involved? From those questions create your next action, your behavior to follow.

Do you need to send a thank you note to someone, or an apology? Do you need to release negative emotions through meditation or exercise? Do you need to act on a situation that is holding you hostage? Do you need to define more clearly boundaries for yourself and/or others? Do you need to be silent and let the moment pass?

By becoming more aware of who you are and how you re-act you gain power and the ability to control your own life circumstances. You gain strength to do things you never thought you were capable of. Your life becomes filled with moments of awed accomplishments when your actions are based on awareness. .

Believe in yourself!

"Heal Your Child's Heart."


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