Child Development

Helping a child develop from the outside or from within is one of the most important tasks you will ever undertake. But there is a difference between a child’s physical development and the development of their emotional well-being. Knowing what to say, what to do, or what to support for the positive growth of your child’s emotional development takes daily attention just like the daily attention you pay to help keep them safe, safe secure and fed. 

Receive monthly information, resources and daily tasks that you can use to help develop a resilient child along with information you can use to take care of yourself too. 

You can see their growth physically, you can see the food they eat and the effect it has on their body, or the how much they grow from month to month and year to year. You can see them develop from crawling to walking. You can hear them and help them develop their ability to use language to communicate. You can also see them and help them develop their emotional mental capacity. But just like learning what is good food, exercise or how you can teach them academically you need to know what to do to help your child develop a resilient emotional reaction to life experiences. 

Education is Key

Read, learn and apply the knowledge of what to say, when to say it or when to just sit back regarding the development of your child’s emotional health. Or, gain knowledge to change yourself to be a more resilient adult with the ability to handle life experiences and relationships better and achieve the goals you want to reach. 

Be Responsible

Once you have identified the need and understanding that attention to your child’s emotional growth happens on a daily basis you will have accepted your child as a whole person. You also will have reached the understanding that continued learning, resources and attention is needed to achieve your child’s positive emotional growth. That is why I have developed “A Bountiful Moment” to help you recieve the information, resources and tools monthly that will help you and your child reach a healthy positive emotional state of well-being. 

Free Resource

“A Bountiful Moment” is a monthly newsletter filled with the knowledge that I use or have used personally along with professional knowledge that I have gained throughout my daily work. It gives me the opportunity to pass that forward to you for your benefit and the benefit of your child.

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