Effects of Child Abuse

The Effects of Child Abuse are deep and destructive. Child abuse ingrains emotional scars in a person’s soul and robs their ability to thrive. Being abused as a child creates an adult with little to no self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-love. Child abuse destroys a life and creates a vicious dysfunctional cycle of adult self-abuse and self-sabotaging emotional behavior ranging from, anxiety, guilt, depression, anger, isolation and addictions. It creates dysfunctional, debilitating inter and intra-personal relationships. The effect of child abuse is death to the trusting innocence inside that creates hope and belief in the spirit of individual life.

The death of an individual spirit creates a cycle of abusive emotional behavior. The effects of child abuse are the creation of unconscious thoughts and beliefs that maintain a negative self-image. The fear and guilt created by child abuse lead to personal self-destructive emotional behavior. Child abuse implants the heart thought that you are not worthy to thrive. It develops into emotional behavior of destructive life patterns and dysfunctional relationships. The external abuse turns into the unconscious internal belief of a child that they are a faulty person and to blame for the abuse. The effects of child-abuse will turn into self-abusing thought and behavior patterns that will last a lifetime if not confronted and changed.

Changing the effects of child abuse is critical to develop a healthy fulfilling life. This is the birthright of every individual. Your inner child holds onto the fear, judgment and conditional love as a protection from a past trauma that is not present but recreated in daily perception. The victims of child abuse need to make a daily effort through positive affirmations to challenge negative thoughts and behaviors that were internalized and are played out in destructive life choices.

Inner child recovery gives you the opportunity to change fear based thinking and negative emotional behavior choices to unconditional self-love, positive self-image and positive relationships. It develops the true belief that you are worthy of all good things. Inner child recovery allows you to be open and receptive to positive events and relationships that surround you daily.

If you know a child who is being abused it is your duty to make every effort to stop the abuse. Call 911, contact your local authorities or call to your state child protective services. For more information about how to help go to child welfare. No child should live in fear. The effects of child abuse effect us all.

If you are an adult suffering from negative emotional behavior or dysfunctional relationships as a result of child abuse please seek help. Recovery is possible. You can live a life free of negative emotional behavior and full of joy and abundance. If you would like to explore recovery of you inner child please see services for more information.

 If you are in a violent relationship, GET OUT, or if know someone who suffers from domestic violence become part of their solution. No one should live in fear.   See WomenHealth.gov for more information.

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