Healing Your Inner Child

Healing your inner child is achievable. Inner child negative thoughts replay like a movie script in our mind and we become the live actors displaying negative behaviors that are self depleting and self destructive.

This would be okay if was a movie and you could easily change the tape. But this is your life and each day is one less time you get to see the show.

  • Do you smoke?
  • Do you overeat?
  • Are you in dysfunctional relationships?
  • Do you continuously question your abilities?
  • Do you isolate for fear of what others say or think?
  • Do you want to change your life to winning actions?
  • Do you want to achieve your dreams and goals?

Then you need to learn how to work the mind projector. Healing your inner child take the understanding that your mind will work on automatic replay with a negative default mode unless you change it consciously.

Negative emotional adult behaviors arise when our inner child has not received the unconditional love and affirmation it needs to develop self-worth and self- confidence.

You will continue to replay inner child negative thoughts of your past and continue negative behavior if you don’t take notice and commit to taking steps to change.

We enter into self-punishing behavior. We develop habits that affirm our negative thoughts that we are no good, not worthy of anything and not deserving. We unconsciously replay depleting words that were ingrained in our mind when we were young and vulnerable. We develop actions that are the opposite of our true self-understanding. We get farther and farther away from owning our own life and daily living.

We overeat, over drink, smoke, feel panic and anxiety out of fear. We don’t try, don’t act, or won’t get in the game. The fear that I am not good enough is overwhelming. The fear that I have done something wrong and I am not deserving is constantly repeating over and over. The days, months and years go by and you miss out on feeling good, secure and confident. You miss out on living your optimal life.

The misunderstanding and misconception of who we are and what we deserve is a result of the negative reinforcements we received. We developed a faulty sense of self. We question our abilities, our opportunities and what we are truly capable of. We imprint in our mind a negative self-image and self-worth.

This faulty self-image creates emotional inner strife and destructive behaviors. The reality of who we truly are and how we act doesn’t match. We continue the pattern of negative reinforcement. We unconsciously make excuses to ignore our fear and protect our true self. We hide behind a false reality through reinforcement of negative living. We develop an outer behavior pattern that allows us to detach from what we know to be our true self. Our fear of rejection and misunderstanding creates behaviors that act out someone else’s vision of our life. We become the audience instead of playing the lead role.

Healing your inner child by changing these negative emotional thoughts and behaviors takes time and daily dedication. It takes practice. But I assure you it can be done. You can change your inner script and match your outer behavior.

Read positive affirming inspirational information and learn how to practice self-hypnosis will help in healing your inner child.

Reading positive inspirational life supporting information replaces old depleting thoughts. It provides new thoughts to focus on and believe in. It gives you a new positive foundation to build upon.

Self-hypnosis is learning to relax your mind to a state of receiving and replacing old unconscious negative thoughts and images with your positive true desires. It is a way to replace the old self-beliefs of others with your own positive self knowledge. It gives you the resources and support you need to change.

By using either of these resources to heal you inner child your life will change. You will be happier, healthier, thinner, more financially secure. You will be living the life you think about, dream of and know you truly deserve. You will be open to others. You will have better relationships. You will feel confident and secure that you are worthy. You will know you have something to offer. You will be in control of your life.

Knowing this information presents you with these questions:

  • Will you be an active player in your life?
  • Will you take charge of your life direction?
  • Will you be applauding the play as the curtain falls?

Don’t be afraid to recognize your true worth. Don’t be afraid to affirm your true self. Don’t be afraid to play a part in your own life. Act in ways that will bring your dreams to reality. Act in ways that reinforce the positive healthy you. The person you acknowledge and support inside is the person that will act on the outside. Change your negative unconscious thought patterns and you will change you life.

Below are sites and resources I have found that offer supportive information and tools to develop self confidence and achieve lifestyle goals. Use this information to help you progress toward and reach your personal goals.

Each site is different in the way they offers the tools, but the tools offered help you reach the same end. So find one that fits you. The important thing is that you begin today to develop the best you.

Don’t waste another minute waiting to live your life. Practice positive behaviors daily to live your true life dreams and desires.

Neuro-Vision Inc, provides loads of free information and tools about self-hypnosis to help develop and maintain confidence and positive emotional behavior. Neuro-VISION Weight Loss Hypnosis | Stop Smoking Hypnosis

The following books offer information on the use and benefits of self-hypnosis to develop and achieve personal goals and a positive lifestyle.


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