Inner Child Expressive Therapy

Inner child expressive therapy, uses play, writing, movement and music as nonjudgmental mediums to explore and heal the inner child. Inner child expressive therapy is used to release negative thoughts, depleting emotions and sabotaging actions. With the use of free creative thought the inner child is able to express our desires and allow the manifestation of true abundance in our life.

The unknowing neediness of our parents led us to believe that we were the one who was in default. For survival we Developed defensive patterns of protection. Our defenses covered and hid our truest self. As adult we no longer have the ability to see who we truly are. We are afraid, anxious, lonely, angry, and confused why. We have conformed to the expectations of others to survive. Those expectations of others have kept us safe and secure, but not happy. Finding a way to break through the layers of self-doubt, fear and criticism takes work, re-evaluation and nurturing.

We have the ability to heal ourselves through the many mediums and techniques used in inner child exploration. Each form of inner child therapy brings an experience of free expression, exploration and healing. Being open to the medium allows for the discovery of who you truly are. The process of inner child therapy challenges and encourages your personal growth. It presents a non-threatening, creative, fun way to discover the our truest sense of yourself.

Judging, boundaries and criticizing are learned behaviors that have been passed on through generations and have become a part of how you live your life. Parental abandonment, abuse and neglect create a person who self-rejects, self-abuses and self-neglects. They have become a part of how you view yourself.

By using positive affirmations and the different mediums of inner child therapy we can block out and change the the integrated beliefs of our external parenting. We are able to release all outside judgment and structure through the use of inner child expressive therapy. This type of inner child exploration and healing has no guidelines or rules, no expectations or criticism. Inner child expressive therapy allows you to just be, without boundaries or judgments.

Exploring your inner child through expressive therapy gives you the opportunity to explore and accept yourself without judgment and fear. Expressive therapy is a soft nudge into your deepest thoughts and feelings. Letting the medium of play, writing, movement or music therapy gently guide you down inside to where your inner child lives and heart thoughts are created. It allows you the opportunity to freely acknowledge and accept yourself.

Inner child expressive therapy helps you discover and acknowledge your past beliefs while supporting the expression and release for healing in the present.

Types of Inner Child Expressive Therapy

Play Therapy: Is based on the fact that play is the natural medium of your child’s self-expression. Play therapy is used to allow your inner child to “play out” discover and express their defeating emotions and problems symbolically without having to use words. Play Therapy is form of inner child expression that encourages you to act out, understand and recreate life interpretations that are defeating using sand, toys and/or games.

Writing Therapy: Writing allows your inner child to communicate through the use of words. Inner child expressive writing to express self-defeating thoughts and feelings. Writing also can be used to allow your inner child to create and manifest optimal living. Using writing to release the inner child

Art Therapy:
Allows your inner child to safely explore and express negative thoughts and emotions through the creative process of drawing, painting, coloring, colleague creating, photography and clay molding or sculpting. It is the process of creating the art that is healing not the final art produced. Art is viewed as your inner child’s expression of self -talk releasing unproductive perceptions and beliefs while rebuilding hope, self-esteem, autonomy and competence.

Movement Therapy:
Movement is the basic expression of emotion and is used to channel your inner child’s rejection, anger, strength and energy outward. Movement therapy helps your inner child become more self-aware, increases focus, concentration and can be used as a quick release of self-doubt and motivation.

Music Therapy Child:
Music therapy with your inner child is used to regulate three basic emotional domains, affect regulation, communication and social behavior. Music is used in many forms with your inner child to shape target behavior and exploring underlying emotions. Music reduces anxiety, stimulates non-verbal communication and helps your child to self-regulate. Music therapy with your inner child can be accomplished by playing an instrument, using your voice, listening, guided imagery, creative songwriting and lyric analysis.

Inner Child Expressive Therapy develops self-exploration, self-healing and self-growth

Inner child expressive therapy is helpful when you feel lonely, sad, stuck, mad, afraid, or jealous. When your negative emotions are heightened this is a good time to use one of the mediums of expressive therapy to release the dysfunction from your being or to discover and heal the wound from your soul.

Inner child expressive therapy can also be used to discover your dreams and desires without shame or criticism. Inner child expressive therapy helps you to explore what you truly enjoy doing, it presents your abilities in their rarest form. Discovering your inner child can release fear and anxiety, anger and self-blame. It can uncover new career paths, new hobbies or new social groups that will enrich your daily life.

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