Inner Child Positive Affirmations

Inner child positive affirmations embrace the child within, giving you support as an adult to express yourself with fearless abandon and maximize your life potential.

We all have an inner child. It is the part of you that feels at a gut level, that laughs without thinking about it, or that cries for no reason. Your inner child is the part of you that is spontaneous, courageous, and innocent. Your inner child is the part of you that views life without judgment or caution. Your inner child is your ability to explore and experience life with passion and a sense of awe.

Your adult life is the creation of your childhood caretakers and the indoctrinated boundaries of societies expectations.

As an adult your inner child has been trampled on and altered to live a life of limiting beliefs, beliefs that don’t belong to you. Your adult life has become the creation of your childhood caretakers and the indoctrinated boundaries of societies expectations. Your inner child has been altered and diminished to be careful about what you laugh at, what you talk about, what you explore or what you cherish. You are taught from the time you enter school, if not earlier to put away childish things and act like an adult, be silent and stop laughing. You are taught that being an adult means taking life serious, work before pleasure, children are seen not heard. You are taught to throw away your childish dreams for more practical matters.

Recent discovery and research has shown that not recognizing, reconnecting and reprogramming your inner child’s beliefs and perceptions, the part of us that was berated, belittled and squashed by judgment, criticism, or harsh treatment you continue to live life as a victim of the past. Recycling the expectations and judgments we integrated into our inner child’s heart create the reality we live today. Not connecting with your inner child to support and release the fear that was instilled creates unfinished mental and emotional business and leads to an adult life of chronic, anxiety, fear, confusion, emptiness, unhappiness, and unfulfilled relationships.

Reconnecting, supporting and reprogramming your inner child will take consistent acknowledgment and support through positive affirmations to replace old limiting ideas that replay automatically.

Inner child positive affirmations allow you, as an adult, to reprogram your inner child to believe in yourself. Healing your inner child by repeating affirming statements provides the strength and support to live an authentic life as an adult. By releasing your anxiety, fear and indecision you will manifest what you want in your life.

Inner child positive affirmations support your true self and give you the opportunity live a life of fulfilling work and relationships.

Inner child positive affirmations are words that we tell ourselves in times of stress, sadness, chaos, loneliness, jealousy or anger. Supportive words repeated in times of stress, fear or anger remind us that we are safe and secure in the present moment. The spoken affirmations help us to acknowledge our true feelings in the present and change our actions that sabotage our future by past events. Inner child healing replaces false beliefs about who you. They give you the support to integrate your whole self and live a life of, exploration, innocence, passion and joy in the present.

Inner child positive affirmations offer comfort and support to find the true joy inside you.

By using positive affirmations to reclaim your inner child you help yourself. You make it possible to bring your inner child's past true desires into your present adult life. The process of supporting your inner child through inner child healing is life changing. You are building your self-esteem, and self-confidence helping you to create the life you want. Repeat supportive affirming statements and phrases to maximize your life potential and reprogram your inner child. They provide you a way to love yourself unconditionally without judgment to foster and manifest what you want in your life.

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