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Effects of divorce on children

Every child is different when reacting to a stressful situation. The separation of parents is a drastic change in your child’s home environment that is hard for them understand and make sense of. They will naturally enter into a negative internal self process that they are to blame. Children thrive in consistency and structure. When their status quo is disrupted they will begin to internalize the reason for the loss.

When considering the effect of divorce on your child it is important to remember the conditions of the family break-up and the extent that both parents will be involved with your child’s rearing. Your child cannot control the outcome of a divorce. Work, reasons for parental separation, distance of separate parents, changing residence, changing rules, new relationships in the family are only a few of the many factors that have an effect on the lifestyle, heart thought and behavior of your child.

The emotional behavior they display can be isolation, withdrawal, angry outbursts, crying spells, uncontrollable behavior, mouthing off, disregarding authority, hitting, biting, breaking objects, over or under eating, fearful of new situations, and/or separation anxiety.

The range and degree of the behavior expressed will vary according to your child’s developed cognitive coping ability and factors presented.

Helping Your Child Cope

If your child has developed emotional behavior that is uncontrollable counseling services are extremely effective.

Providing your child with a way to explore self-blame, self-control, acceptance, rebuilding, self-confidence and moving forward is an active productive way for them to move through the difficult experience and emotional trauma.

Every child will have different emotional and behavior reactions to the loss through a divorce. The exploration and emotional release produced with counseling gives your child individual help and a natural way for them to develop and strengthen their coping ability and unique character strengths.

Helping your child cope with loss through counseling  will lessen the their long-term negative emotional thoughts and behavior. It will help your child understand that life is an unpredictable, forever changing journey and that they have ultimate individual control over their thoughts and behavior. 

If your child is experiencing difficulty coping with this or any other emotional behavior challenge please contact me at 708-730-2600. You can also visit services for more information. 

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