Positive Parenting Techniques will bring the joys and challenges of a lifetime

What is positive parenting?

What are the benefits of positive parenting techniques?

I am a good parent is that the same as positive parenting?

What is positive parenting and how do you know when you are doing it?

How do you know if you are giving your child the right discipline, setting up the best limits, giving them high enough expectations to help them grow to be successful, responsible, productive adults, with a moral conscience.

Let’s face it you really won’t know the answers to those questions for years to come, 18 or so but who ‘s counting. So you give it your best shot. Day by day. You do what you know. You do what your parents did, or maybe you try to do the exact opposite of what you experienced from your parents. In any case you do the best you can with what your have. Because you know you have the most important job on the face of the earth. You have the development of our future society in your hands. Scary if you took the time to think about it. But who has the time?

Why does being a good parent not make a positive parent?

You do your very best with raising your child. You feed them, clothe them, provide shelter for them and along with buying them things they need you also try to buy the things they want. You want them to be happy. You want them to be safe. You want them to learn the skills needed to take care of themselves as they grow up and naturally away from you. You do these things and have these wants because you love your child and you want what is best for them. I know that because I am a parent too.

Unfortunately all those things are NOT the most important part of being a positive parent? Please don’t get confused or flustered. I say that because plain and simple all those things get lost in translation. The providing gets lost in “well you had to take care of me, I’m your child”, or “I deserve to have you buy me things because I did something good and that was my reward”. Your loving intentions get lost in you need to do these things to be a good parent not a positive parent. Positive parenting consists of simply being mindful of you.

How does being aware of myself create positive parenting techniques?

Positive parenting techniques are all about being aware of you. I am talking about being mindful of how you feel and act in your daily life. How you respond to stress. How you act when you are happy or sad. What you say when you are disappointed that your child came home with a detention. Or how you listen when they had a fight with their best friend. How do you respond when you had a bad day at work or are to tired to even think anymore. How do you recharge your energy to address the many facets of your life? These are the things your child is going to remember, learn and re-create in their own life.

Children learn from modeling, watching and integrating what they see into who they are. Your child will watch what you do, say and how you act under emotional situations. You are their most important role model. Then they will integrate most of everything you do into them and become a minnie you. That is the double-edged sword of being a parent. You get to have a part of you go on and on and on for generations. The scary part is that we all have things that we can do better, because life is a learning process for all of us, no one is excluded.

What are the steps of Positive Parenting Techniques?

Positive Communication ,

Knowing Your Parent Expectations

Learning How To Take Care Of Yourself

These three skills should be practiced on a daily basis will increase your positive parenting and develop a healthy relationship with your child.

Practicing these positive parenting techniques in your daily life to give your child a role model. Show your child that you are willing to continue to learn and grow personally on a daily basis that is positive parenting. Using these techniques you learn to build your parent child relationship on a daily basis creates a positive child.

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The solution to adult problems tomorrow depends in large measure upon how our children grow up today. Margaret Mead

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